An Initiative by SAPIO ANALYTICS

What is Sapio’s EV Ecosystem?

Well, EV Ecosystem is the complete lifecycle of the electric vehicle, starting from the manufacturing of the EV’s to it’s maintenance, requirements and servicing. The idea here is to keep everything in a single platform. Keeping every single entities and companies, manufacturers in a single place will make it more efficient and better functioning. Data generated by electric vehicles come from sources that vary from sensors to trip logs. Once this vast amount of data are analysed using big data techniques, they can be used to develop policies for siting charging stations, developing smart charging algorithms, solving energy efficiency issues, evaluating the capacity of power distribution systems to handle extra charging loads.

Vision & Mission

The Vision of the Sapio EV Ecosystem is to bring together all the companies together in a single roof to help grow the Electric Vehicle use in India and make India street smart.

The Mission being to help grow the Electric Vehicle community and promote the “GO GREEN” campaign by reducing the amount of pollution produced by the regular vehicles and help improve the maintenance system of the Electric Vehicles.

Components of the EV Ecosystem

  1. Power sources
  2. Infrastructure Development
  3. Service provider
  4. EV Manufacturers
  5. Governance
  6. Analytics of the whole system
  7. R&D

The Sapio EV Ecosystem aims connect all the entities required to set up a Electric Vehicle so as to efficiently function the whole process required to maintain and service an EV with ease.