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Nobel Laureates join us in our fight against the Pandemic

Governance Now

Each day we are enhancing our model. Each day we are focussing heavily on the domain part. Each day we are optimizing the tech with the domain expertise. Happy to share that Nobel Laureates like Dr. Levitt and Col. Naidu are now part of our distinguished advisory committee. Click Here to read full article !

The Week publishing our thoughts on the Granular lockdown plan in it's latest edition

the Week 2

Inclination towards the revival of the economy is an imperative step right now and we’d already published few whitepapers on the same. Thanks to The Week for putting our thoughts in the cover story. Click on the Image to Zoom !


Indian Mandarins speak about our Granular Lockdown Plan on their latest edition

Indian Mandrains

Indian Mandarins, a news network with content primarily about and consumed by civil servants, policy makers, and institutions with critical role in government and administration, speak about the Granular Lockdown Plan designed by us. Click Me !

In the back-end of the Covid-19 fight, big data works silently


It feels great when the work we do is considered substantial and is made aware by media.

Hindustan Times took note of the Granular Lockdown Plan and covered it in their news. Lockdown planning based only on the spread won’t provide optimized results. It needs to be backed by other components such as Economic Impact and Social Impact. A comprehensive data-backed decision support system is the solution that is hyperlocalized to a granular level plan. To know more about the model and the idea of data-backed decisions, please go through the link below. Click Me !


Data Driven Granular Lockdown Plan in consideration by the Government of India


A data-driven product created under Sapio Umbrella by Sapio Analytics providing a multi-factorial solution at various levels was presented to the Government Authorities and the Press on Saturday. The plan was met with motivating responses. Click Me !

Social Impact of Covid-19 due to lockdown

The Guardian

On our thorough study led by the experts, we released a White paper on Social Impact due to the COVID-19 Lockdown where we discussed 5 major points of social factors- Supply of water, sanitation, crime, behavioural and psychological impact.
Read the news mention by The Daily Guardian on our paper. Click On Image to Zoom in.

guardian news

Plasma Therapy gets a go Ahead !

sakal times

Scientists from Europe along with Redcliffe Life Sciences and Sapio Analytics have been involved in the research of Plasma Therapy which has proven to cure COVID-19 patients. Maharashtra has got a go-ahead to use this therapy from Central Government in treating the patients.
This may prove to be a silver lining that everyone is looking forward to.Click On Image to Zoom in.

sakal news

DSS model and our Granular lockdown system gets major endorsement by the very renowned Namrata Kohli


Ms. Namrata Kohli, a renowned journalist, writer, and blogger endorsing our DSS model and the impact it would create. We had a conference on Saturday the 2nd of May where we discussed how the lockdowns should be implemented and shown the use of the model in making informed decisions. Click On Image to Zoom in.

Namrata kholi

Covid Cure: Is plasma therapy the big find of the century


Buzz is already adrift for everyone alike, as Hyperion Plasma Therapy catches momentum. By citing it as, ‘big find of the century’, Namrata Kohli discusses the impact of this novel treatment in her latest blog. Click Here!

Redcliffe, Sapio work on hyperion plasma treatment for COVID-19

Promising Plasma Therapy gets major approval from one of the top bodies in the fight against Corona.

ICMR sets up nation-wide provisions to accelerate this possible treatment modality. Click on image to Zoom in!

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-24 at 3.05.38 PM

Redcliffe, Sapio bring novel Hyperion Plasma Treatment to India.

Plasma Therapy breakthrough has shown to cure COVID-19 in asearly as 2 days.

Medgate Today Magazine


Covid-19 can be treated using the concept of plasma treatment, combining it with adjuvant negative ion therapy using a proprietary ionizer device. When it comes to finding a cure for the coronavirus, we will not leave any idea and methods untouched. Have a read on the article by Medgate on our press conference held on the 20th of April wherein we discussed about the Hyperion Plasma therapy. To Read Click Here !

Hyperion Plasma Treatment Provides a Novel Solution For a Novel Problem


Providing an optimism, data obtained from successful treatment of 3000+ patients suggests that, the Hyperion Plasma Treatment in adjunct with negative ion therapy could be path breaking treatment modality for the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is Mr. Ashwin Shrivastava (Founder and CEO, Sapio Analytics) explaining and discussing the importance of Hyperion Plasma Treatment and it’s possible impact globally on Republic TV (dt. 21/04/2020)

The Kutch Satta Fortnightly Newspaper

The validation of efforts is true when it reaches all the people alike. It is warming to notice the media of all forms and languages not just taking note and appreciating the work here at, Sapio Analytics; but also spreading the awareness amongst the people at different regional levels. Click on image to Zoom in!

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Looking forward to turning every stone possible to combat the Covid-19.

Startup Success Stories

Inc 42

Times Now Interview


VIDEO: SAPIO Analytics CEO Ashwin Srivastava offers technical help to Govt amid COVID-19 outbreak

SAPIO Analytics CEO Ashwin Srivastava speaks on the technical help it is providing the government to understand the Coronavirus outbreak and its effect across India. He says, ‘The biggest problem that we believe needs to be solved in the fight against COVID-19 is the ability to make the right decisions across different levels of the Govt.’ He even discusses why Mumbai is a core focus in the state of Maharashtra Click Here to Watch !

Times of India

Endorsement by DST

Experts predict Coronavirus to push back Economy by three years


Experts predict coronavirus to push back Economy by three years On our white paper published on the 16th of April and conference held on the 17th, we took up various factors and domains with in-depth research on the Indian economy and discussed the impact of Covid on the Indian economy and also provided recommendations on financial packages needed across sectors. To know more please go through the news link Click Here !