Future City

Smart City Mission project envisages integrating disparate databases of various arms of the government agencies and creating a data integration layer on which data analytics layer can operate. This would enable setting up of Smart City Operations Center (SCOC), Surveillance Command Control Center and Smart & safe Elements like Intelligent Traffic Management System, City Surveillance, Public Address System, Emergency Call Box, Drones, Variable Messaging Displays, Environmental & Flood Sensors, etc.

While the objectives set out in Smart City Mission are laudable, its impact on the ground as yet seem inadequate. Perhaps there is a need to infuse additional data layer that will leverage on the existing data layer and there is a need to make an effective data visualization layer that would be instructive and enable the decision makers to capture the insights and act on them efficiently.

With this objective, we are setting up an artificial municipal corporation which will enable the authorities to take decision which can impact the overall long-term development of the city. Thus, the entire project is designed in a way to empower the citizens as well as the government.

Rural India



Although the scope of data is visible and being applied in the urban sector however, the Rural sector of India is deprived of the benefits it can gain with the help of data. As mentioned previously, we are here to empower the citizen as well as the government and therefore, along with the urban development through smart cities, we are looking forward to applying the strength of data analytics in the rural sector. With access to more than 1 lac villages, we are trying to foster a relationship between urban and rural connectivity which can enhance the development of both the sectors as well as analyzing the impact of government schemes to check the ground reality.


E-Governance/Public participation


Sapio Analytics is closely working with few public representatives such as Member of Parliaments wherein we are providing analytics to the feedback received from the local citizens so that development on the basis of data can be taken place in that constituency. With the help of our unique chatbot system we are able to connect to the right citizen through the right platform and consecutively, providing the right analytics through efficient solution making.

Dynamic Rail Pricing


Time and again, we hear in news Railways incurred losses of hundreds and thousands of crores. While the operations side of railways has seen revolution in terms of cleanliness, security, social media awareness, the revenue side has always remained neglected. As a matter of fact, railways passenger trains fares have not been revised in the last twenty years, according to internal sources in Western Railways. Next transformation needs to come in how revenues are managed in India Railways. Sapio being a long time pioneer in pricing and revenue management with its partners having built pricing algorithms across industries can be a trendsetter on how real time dynamic pricing can increase revenues multi-fold.

Electric Vehicles


With so much emphasis on climate change as well as policy regulation by the government, it is evident that EV is the future of mobility. However, the impact which is required with the implementation of EV won’t be visible unless an ecosystem surrounding the infrastructure of EV is formed. Therefore, at Sapio we are working closely with a few select industry leaders of EV as well as with the government to make sure that this ecosystem is formulated.




Key features of  SAPIOs analytical solution that inspire trust in its practical use are understanding – in particular enabling the human doctor or researcher to be aware of its advantages and limits; and reliability – in particular for complex learning systems that evolve over time from a stream of new input data, guaranteeing reliability has been recognized as a major challenge.

As a consequence, understanding and reliability should be particularly addressed as a basic requirement in all applications of data analytics in medicine and healthcare.

Sapio analytics also provide complete health care data analysis and researches also with intelligent algorithms for health care and feedback loops as part of the hospital operations and  management system