We Make Data Intelligent


At Sapio, we are on a mission to build solutions and products by partnering with the most
important government institutions in the world and helping them transform their usage of data, by making their decisions smarter.


To enable policy formulators and stakeholders to use intelligence of data.


We are not a data analytics company..
We use data based decisions to optimize COST for Government across sectors. We help create new government policies, we optimize expenses and earnings for government bodies within the boundaries of existing policies, and we even mitigate risks at various levels. And we do all this by unleashing the true power of data using our expertise in P&L optimization.

Understand Government Data

Data is in abundance, but how do we understand what to do with it?

Analyze Data

Analysis is easy but how to go beyond ‘if-else’ and ‘filters’?

Visualize Data

There are many ways to visualize, but what does the government and related parties want to see?

Provide Conclusions

There are a number of results from data, but what is it that needs to be concluded keeping in mind both, technology and government?

The answer to these questions : WE KNOW

Why only us?

  • Understanding of government data
  • Ability to add feedback loops and initiate AI in government processes
  • Cross-departmental access, understanding, and analytics ability
  • Product-based Approach in providing solutions

Our Team

  • Access to Governments in India
  • Team spread across India, UK and USA
  • Data Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • Big Data Experts

Research & Projects

Super Smart LEDs

Dynamic Pricing in Railways

In the government, decisions seem to be driven more by intuition rather than data (and in cases where its driven by data, use of data is cursory and not high-tech) leading to loss in possible revenue and profits and undesirable impact of policies at all levels. Sapio is solving this problem, probably for the first time anywhere

-Senior Government Official

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