At Sapio, our mission is to provide the most intelligent AI-powered policy making solutions for government institutions across the world, using data assessment, integration, analytics and visualisation.



To create a better world by extracting intelligence out of data.We want our solutions to improve lives of common man, ensure increase in revenue and earnings of government bodies, even discover new innovations that can transform lives, help create new policies, and much more.


At Sapio, we are on a mission to build solutions and products by partnering with the most important government institutions in the world and helping them transform their usage of data, by understanding data as well as technology, and creating a bridge between the same.

Virtual City

A 3D Modeled City With AI Enabled Decision Support System Layers.

Electric Vehicle Network Ecosystem

Dynamic Pricing

Continuous Pricing System For Optimization Of Governance, Revenue And For Public Convenience.

Citizen Governance Tool

Bridging The Public And Government Through Feedback Analytics.

Smart Healthcare

Solutions to the issues faced by the Hospital.

Rural Knowledge system

Creation Of Data Ecosystem For Rural Sector Of India.

Heritage Restoration

Digital Restoration Of Deteriorated Heritage Structures

Hyper-Local Consumer Behavior Identifier

An AI Intelligent Tool That Use Digital Footprint Of Consumers

In the government, decisions seem to be driven more by intuition rather than data (and in cases where its driven by data, use of data is cursory and not high-tech) leading to loss in possible revenue and profits and undesirable impact of policies at all levels. Sapio is solving this problem, probably for the first time anywhere.

– Senior Government Official

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